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Charles O. Bolthrunis, Michael D. Hagan, and Waheed A. Mukaddam of CCTI Publish Fluidization Paper

September 2013

Presented and published for the 13th Engineering Foundation Conference on Fluidization: New Paradigm in Fluidization Engineering    

Fluidization is an important field of both fundamental research and broad industrial applications. This paper presents an example of academic work that has been applied in industry. A case is presented of a solution to a serious operational problem involving fluidization phenomena threatening to cause structural damage to an operating chemical reactor. The process used to analyze the problem and arrive at a probable cause and design solutions are presented. 

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Patent Awarded to Charlie Bolthrunis and Domenic Ferrari of CCTI on Behalf of ExxonMobil

September 2010

Oxygenate-to-Olefin Conversion in a Baffled Reactor

The invention concerns methods and systems for minimizing back-mixing of feedstock flow in converting oxygenates to olefins. In one embodiment, back-mixing is reduced by providing a reactor that includes baffles to reduce the hydraulic diameter of at least a portion of the reactor. Some or all of the baffles can also serve as cooling tubes for reducing temperature gradients in the reactor, and thereby maximize light olefin production. 

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CCTI and Process Plus Form Alliance

January 2011

Engineering Firms, Process Plus and Cambridge Chemical Technologies Form Alliance Serving the Chemical Process Industry

CCTI and Process Plus began their relationship while working for a mutual client in Massachusetts. The two firms provide similar engineering services, including process engineering and design, although each firm holds greater expertise than the other in particular areas of work. The complimentary capabilities will allow CCTI and Process Plus to provide superior engineering services to existing and potential clients.

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Michael D. Hagan and Victoria N. Kruglov of CCTI Write Article for CEP Magazine

November 2010

Understand Heat Flux Limitations on Reboiler Design: Avoid the transition to film boiling to obtain better control and lower operating costs.  

Most chemical engineers involved with heat exchanger design are familiar with the concepts of nucleate versus film boiling and critical heat flux. Although a sensible heating medium, such as hot oil, may be used for some applications, most facilities employ steam at different pressure levels. This article explains how to account for the critical heat flux to avoid film boiling, and discusses the impacts of various heating media on the reboiler design. 

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