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Glycerin Refining Project

BEP through Commissioning - USA


Rising production of biodiesel has led to a glut in the market of its byproduct glycerin.  Glycerin has many uses in pharmaceuticals, requiring purification to USP standards.  CCTI executed the design of a glycerin refining unit for a US biodiesel producer for a variety of crude glycerin feed-stocks.  

CCTI proposed to retrofit warehoused, spare equipment at one third of the cost of our competitors’ bids, saving our client millions of dollars and accelerating the construction schedule to allow them to meet a market window.  CCTI developed a Basic Engineering Package, managed detailed engineering, and then commissioned the unit, which successfully completed test runs meeting all performance guarantees.

Glycerin is a versatile product used in pharmaceuticals, personal care items, and in the food industry. 

Glycerin Soaps