Cambridge Chemical Technologies (CCTI) was formed in 2004 to apply decades of chemical process design expertise to a new type of engineering organization: client-centered and efficient, rigorous and deep-thinking, with a creative approach to client needs. Our core strength is in the basic process design of chemical, petrochemical and alternative energy facilities. 

We provide innovative solutions to complex technical problems. 

Our founders are former executives of Badger, another technology-based engineering company.  Our senior staff each have decades of experience in all aspects of plant design, from the development of new process technologies to basic and detailed engineering, construction and commissioning.   Our staff as a whole offers the complete range of process engineering skills as well as advanced computational methods and modeling

CCTI brings the rigor of petrochemical plant development and design to such diverse industries as synfuels, biofuels, agrochemicals, oleochemicals, alternative energy, and nuclear fuels.  Our services include technology transfer, basic engineering, and the commercialization of new technologies.


Design Philosophy

Reliability and Cost Savings for the Client

  • Derived from design standards of petrochemical and refining industries

  • Excellent on-line performance in unforgiving process conditions

  • Reliability and flexibility built in throughout the design process

  • Balance between capital and operating costs for optimal investment

  • Applications to new technologies in alternative fuel, chemical, and green energy sectors


Innovative Work Systems

A More Efficient Approach to Process Design


  • Apply cross-discipline expertise to a workflow in which early and later stages of design take place in tandem

  • Keep the focus on the commercial facility from start to finish

  • Anticipate downstream problems at the beginning stages of development and incorporate solutions throughout the design process

  • Make the jobs of the detailed engineering and construction contractors easier, yielding savings to the client

  • Meet accelerated schedules at reduced cost