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Pyridine Bases Plants 

BEP and Detailed Engineering through Commissioning- China


CCTI developed a Basic Engineering Package for a world-class MTA pyridine and picoline plant, designing a fluid bed reactor and purification train from first principles.    Special emphasis was placed on recovering unreacted feed material and wastewater reduction, exceeding new environmental standards.   

CCTI was asked by the same client to design a new pyridine bases plant, one of the largest in the world, as well as to manage detailed engineering.  Managing an overseas partner, CCTI efficiently produced a full detailed engineering package, complete with piping isometrics.  CCTI supervised construction and successful commissioning of the project.  Together these two pyridine plants have made our client one of the top producers of pyridine and picoline. 


Pyridine is an important solvent and reagent in organic synthesis. It is the precursor to myriad insecticides, herbicides, pharmaceuticals, food flavorings, dyes, rubber chemicals, adhesives, paints, explosives and disinfectants.

Pyridine Products