The people at CCTI are key to our success in providing superior engineering services to our clients. We have a combination of deep and broad process design experience, advanced computational skills, fresh perspective, and enthusiasm, all of which we use to solve complex technical problems.  We are focused on the practical solutions that enhance the client's organization as well as project success. Our staff has:


  • depth of project execution experience from bench-scale development to full-scale plant design

  • breadth of process knowledge spanning multiple industries

  • experience in managing the start-up and commissioning of first-of-a-kind plants around the world

Waheed Mukaddam

Principal and CEO

Mr. Mukaddam has over 35 years of extensive international experience in chemicals, petrochemicals, and refining; his experience includes manufacturing, engineering/ construction, research and development, and technology commercialization and licensing. Mr. Mukaddam has commercialized over fifteen first-of-a-kind processes in various industries while developing a unique integrated commercialization approach that can be applied to any technology.

    • Vice president of research and development, Badger Technology Center.  Responsible for the research and development of all proprietary technologies  as well as the design and construction of several new pilot plants. Pioneered the development of Badger Engineers’ proprietary clean fuels technology.


    • Vice president of engineering, Molten Metal Technologies. Responsible for development, design, and commercialization of three first-of-a-kind plants that utilized proprietary waste destruction and recycling technology based on the catalytic properties of molten metal.


    • Program manager, Badger Engineers. Developed and designed several first-of-a-kind facilities and expanding oleochemical technologies.


  • Manager, Process Division, IBI Chematur.  Founded division for process engineering and technology sales for a joint venture between the Indian firm and a major Swedish corporation (Bofors-Nobel Chematur).
Waheed Mukaddam- CCTI Principal

Michael Hagan

Vice President of Engineering


Mr. Hagan has over 30 years’ experience in the chemical, petrochemical, and refining industries.

    • Experience in design and commercialization of several challenging first-of-a-kind fluid and slurry bed reactor processes


    • Engineering management of multi-disciplinary design teams for large, complex projects.


    • Broad background encompasses process design, project management, and cost engineering on projects from small batch and pilot facilities to world-scale plants.


    • Process design experience includes specialty chemicals, refining, FCCU, gas processes, synfuels, and chlorosilanes.

Charles Bolthrunis 

Senior Engineer

Mr. Bolthrunis has over 40 years' international experience in engineering/construction, manufacturing and technology in the chemical, petrochemical, and petroleum refining industries.  He has process engineering expertise in a wide range of technologies.

  • Recognized expert in the field of fluidized bed reactors

  • Team leader for the development of new technologies and first-of-a-kind plants

  • Former board member and current representative, Particulate Solids Research Institute

  • Led efforts to develop systems to recover and utilize heat for process applications from high temperature nuclear reactors

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Charles Bolthrunis- CCTI Senior Engineer

Senior Consultants

Specialized expertise in the process industries

CCTI Fishing
    • Subhas Pal      Well-known expert in refinery configuration and designs. Consultant to major energy companies.


    • Domenic Ferrari      Previously Vice President of Technology for Badger Technology Center. Developed a number of unique fluid  bed reactors for the production of commodity chemicals.


    • Y.B. Rao     Over 30 years of process design experience in wide areas of petrochemical, energy, and environmental projects.


    • Peter Dance      Formerly Managing Director of Davy Process Technology. Expert in Syngas and related technologies. Senior advisor on technical and commercial matters.


    • Roelof Daling      Formerly Manager of Estimating at the Shaw Group. Over 40 years of experience in functional and supervisory responsibilities for preparation and analysis of conceptual and definitive estimates on a wide range of technologies. 

Our people thrive on productive collaboration with our clients.


Technical Staff

A Dyanmic Team

  • Process Engineering     A high-powered process engineering team combining intellectual rigor with extensive real world experience in a wide range of process industries.

  • Mechanical Engineering     Specialists in the mechanical design of critical process equipment.

  • Drafting & Design     A talented technical drawing team responsible for high quality project diagrams, equipment specifications, project documentation, and document control systems.

  • Detailed Engineering    Relationships with partner companies allows us to manage the detailed design phase of a project when included in the scope of work.


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